My Aeonium 'Sunburst' looks awful!

goddess9(7b)March 9, 2012

For the record, I keep this plant indoors a 2 feet away from a west facing window, which is all I have to offer the plant unless it wants my north-facing bathroom window.

I bought this plant on Sunday. I took off any dead leaves, gave it some water since it was bone dry under the rocks and left it alone. Since then, it has looked even worse! I looked at the root ball Tuesday and decided I was going to replace the soil. I loosened the soil from the roots, ran the roots under some warm water to get the rest off and repotted it. It needed some rocks on top of the soil again to anchor the stem. I watered it until it drained and told myself I would just let it dry out.

It just doesn't look like it liked what I did to it. More leaves are drying out and one side of it won't have any leaves if I took off the dying growth. What am I doing wrong? I don't see any bugs and the window doesn't get excessive amounts of light - there's a building in front of me. No really hot sun since it's been really dreary here in Philadelphia.

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It should be in growth mode now (Aeoniums being cool weather growers), but most problems with These Plants of Ours originate in the soil (usually not porous enough) and watering (usually too much, and when combined with the first, it's a recipe for disaster on an aeonic scale).

Post a picture of what you have, but I've first stop watering. Chances are, the watering you did was ineffective because the soil's not up to absorbing water (which usually means a peat-based soil). Not to worry, even if this plant didn't have roots it's certainly salvageable, but most of the time it doesn't come to even that. Get some porous soil (most commercial C&S mixes can be remarkably improved when cut with 50% perlite or the like), but in the meantime depot your plant and show us what you've got.


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Thank you for your input. It's in an amended C&S soil cut with perlite...I made sure of that. It's MG but I plan on investing in some unfertilized soil soon.

I will post a photo when I get home. It does have roots, just not as much as I thought it would have. Most are very small.


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