Another ID request--This time with a picture.

biwako_of_abiFebruary 11, 2006

I just bought this at the SDCSS Feb. sale, but couldn't find out what it is. It has 4 ridges and each "face" is only about 1/2" wide. A euphorbia?

Why can't I remember to upload the pictures?!! Wait, don't answer that.

Image link:

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If that's a cute little offshoot at bottom left, it might possibly be some kind of stapelia relative.

Just a thought.

Did you go to the sale today?

I would love to go some year.


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Thanks, Al. Yes, I did go today. I try to go every time, if at all possible. There are always some great plants to buy. There is going to be another sale in June.
And yes, that IS a cute little offshoot you see on the side. It looks like I am being drawn more and more into huernias and stapelias, although I never had the intention of doing so and knew nothing about them. I just bought one little pot of something along that line, over a year ago, and then more and more came to me in trades, and now this one. Guess I'd better read up on them.

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jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)

Dear Al,

I had no idea Biwako was going to make so much work for us.

You should have seen the number of porters and bearers that were hauling out her purchased plants - she herself was responsible for at least 25% of total plant sales!

Dear Biwako,

Yes, you've got a huernia or stapelia - I'm pretty sure it's non-euphorbic but strictly succulently asclepiaditic. No telling for sure which genus until it's flowering, but, as you may knw, they're quite easy to grow, given that you protect them from a lot of the winter rains we would normally have here if it weren't a drought year.

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Jeff: Liar, liar, pants on fire! When you KNOW I brought my own crew of ants to help carry the plants to my car... But don't I wish that I had been able to buy so much that I needed help! Instead, I was limited to what would fit into one of those shallow boxes. Maybe in June I'll bring my own bigger one and pile things on top of each other.

In my frustration over not being able to buy more yesterday, I went out to Daniels' Nursery this morning and loaded up on Echeveria gibbiflora Mauna Loas and some other things as well. If DH hadn't been there with me as a restraining force, who knows how much I might have bought?
Thanks for the ID comments.

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