Suggestions for Host Plants for Western Tiger Swallowtails

murray_2008June 2, 2011

I am looking into small trees or shrubs that I can add to a small yard to attract the WTSs in the area. I have had success with willows in the past but I have to remove the willows now because they have sent roots from the pots into the ground and are too close to my house and my neighbor's house. I will continue to keep some in large pots that are the large shrub/small tree types but the big guys are getting out of control. I have ordered the Wafer Ash(hop tree) but that is for the two tailed swallowtail and I don't know if the WTS will use that. Does anyone have experience with the tigers on prunus or birch, though it would have to be a small birch? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

I don't have any experience with western tigers or their host plants, Murray, but after willows, my books list poplars, aspens, several alders and sycamores, cottonwood and ash.
Do you have a Forest Farm catalog? You could undoubtedly find small trees/bushes in their catalog from those families. I wish I could give you some first-hand information.

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Hi Misssherry, I do have the Forest Farm catalog but it doesn't specify which alders and there are so many and the same with the other suggested host species so I am hoping to find specific trees or shrubs that are small. I saw Sweet Bay listed and some prunus species but there are so many of those too. But thanks for the suggestions. I have decided to keep the willows going until I find a solution. Our weather still has not warmed up and our rainy season is still going on as well so the lack of butterflies may be in part due to that problem. I will keep on trying though. Murray

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