N.concentrica? Need ID!!

udo69September 1, 2009

Hello All,

Last week I went to Nongnooch Botanical Garden located in Pattaya. I found this plant for sale at the garden. The seller didn't known its' name. It should be N.concentrica or something similar. This plant has violet blue center with dark black spines. I think these might be good using to create nice violet blue hybrids. Does anyone think about that? Any suggestion.

Cheers Yong

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Hi Yong,

It could be a 'Royal Robe', the leaf shape and central colour certainly look similar ? There is apparantly an Australian and USA version of RR, but only Grace Goode's one is shown on FCBS ??... which has compacta x concentrica as parents. As you know it's hard to say and be sure, so probably 'concentrica Hybrid' is the best you can name it ?

Also don't know whether any offspring are likely to have the same lovely violet centre from this type of hybrid ?...maybe Lisa might be able to give some clues on that ?


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I'm not sure what that is, Yong, but it reminds me a bit of Sunday Best. There's no concentrica in SB, and I'm not seeing any of concentrica's telltale traits here either (apart from the purple cup, which could come from a number of sources). Whether or not it will pass that color on depends at least in part on what you cross it with. I wouldn't count on it, particularly without knowing the parentage.

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Hi Graeme and Lisa,

Graeme; I'm not sure about Royal Robe. It looks similar but I think it's not.It should be concentrica hybrid?

Lisa: I think it's definitely not Sunday Best because I have this plant. Sunday Best has thiner foliage and more compact form. Ishould keep is as Unknown hybrid. I would accept your advice"I wouldn't count on it, particularly without knowing the parentage."


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