Greenstock haul

rickta66(Brisbane)September 27, 2009

Hello all,

I shared a ride to Greenstock with Matt - here is most of what I picked up.

There was lots of lovely plants being carried out.


Alc. Heloisae


Alc.Imperialis Peter Tristram

Alc.Brasiliana - another shot

Neo.Tiger - I can't wait for this one to colour up!

Aechmea Mulfordii Malva - slightly damaged a steal 2plants for $15 Aus.

Vr.Gigantea Nova

The last plant I picked up before I ran out of cash was Alc.Imperialis Landsendt Blue Grey - I didn't take a photo , I forgot about it.

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Great haul Rick..heloisae is may fav; but I also have the Landsendt blue grey and it makes a good balance amongst red alcs. Greenstock is magic place!

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Hi Rick,
I only have three things to say;
1. What a beautiful haul you brought home with you.
2. I wish I had a bigger back yard.
3. I wish I lived closer to Greenstock.

All the best, Nev.

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Thanks again for the lift. Your trailer was a huge help which we almost completely filled.
Here's a few photos of my haul from our trip. I'm still deciding where to put most of them.

Aec. Chantinii Black
Alc. Vinicolour Hawaiian Red
Alc. Reg. Visconde de Mauja
Alc. Heloisae
Alc. Imp. Peter Tristram
Neo. Macho x Tiger

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Rick, hi Matt, great haul. Thanks for showing them. The only Greenstock plants I get to see in the flesh are the few they distribute through Bunnings stores. Wouldn't I love to get up there!

Nev, maybe we need to hire a bus - its only 1200k's or so, after all. Cheers, Paul

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Lovely haul of plants there. Will have to call in to Greenstock I think.

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Hi Matt,

Good to see you got in on the haul as well.

I really like your chantinii, so anytime you find yourself running out of space in the yard, you can send it down to me. I might not have room for alcantareas but I could fit in a chantinii.

Good stuff, all the best, Nev.

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brom_adorer(Mid-North Coast, NSW)

*green green green* I'm green with envy!
I wish I had gone now! I couldn't get anyone interested from my area, and it was too far to go on my own, and too costly to pay the fuel on my own. I would've had to spend my Brom money just to get there!
I'm glad you guys had a good day and it looks as though you got some gorgeous plants. I love that Alc. heloisae!
Maybe next year I can get there? I have 12 months to turn someone onto Bromeliads and then con them into a trip to Bellmere! he he.

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Nev I'll keep u in mind for future chantinii pups.
Here's another pic for a teaser.

I guess i'll start counting down for there next open day in Oct 2010.

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