Tillandsia scaligera

marleneann(Buderim, Australia.)September 8, 2008

Does anyone grow this Tillandsia?

Is it an easy grower?

How long do the flowers last?


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Hi Marleneann,

I THINK I grow T. scaligera. A green-leaved till which I bought several years ago as T. fendleri, turned out to be what I think is likely T. scaligera. It has white open flowers on a single spike resembling a vriesea, and is small to medium in size - approx. 30 - 40cm across - with narrowish soft green leaves.
I tied mine in the crotch of a tree in fairly dense shade. Its subsequent pup post first-flowering is close to flowering size now. I'll certainly take a photo of it when it does flower again. From memory, the flowers last a while, and do the usual flowering one or two at a time up the spike. It is not particularly outstanding, but interesting.
It has been easy to grow with little attention. Treat it like a green-leaved vriesea.

When I questioned the seller of it, he said they had imported two different plants as T. fendleri - one big grower and the smaller one I had already purchased i.e. the T. scaligera (?). So I pleaded for the larger one, and finally got it. Lo and behold - it is not T. fendleri either, but actually Racinae fraseri!

I hope this helps, and good luck with yours.


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Kerry, T. fendleri's inflo is a sight to see, nothing like R. fraseri, which like most Racinae's, is fairly nondescript. I grew T. scaligeri years ago but cannot remember if it's a night bloomer or not.

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