Florida folks: Dealing with rainfall?

alkh86(9)March 31, 2013

Hi all,

I live in central Florida, about 30 min. south of Tampa. We get tons of rain here. My few cacti and many succulents currently live on the porch of my apartment.they get a good amount of light,but are protected from all the rain. I'm about to move to a house where ther is plenty of room outside for my plants to get a lot of light, but not a lot of options when it come to rain protection. I am looking for information about growing plants that don't like lots of water in a place that gets lots of it, not to mention the humidity.



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I`m in Galveston, same thing, lots of rain, high humidity and hurricanes.

Make sure they are in well draining soil or the mix of your choice. I have a lot on the roof of my porch, it`s sunny and hot out there but there are just as many planted in the garden and they all do fine. I do on occassion have to turn pots on their sides. You know how we get either a drought or 3 months of steady rain.

Congrats on the move! More room for plants!
Tally HO!

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We are practically neighbors, alkh86. This'll be my first rainy season with cacti and succulents, so I am afraid I won't be much help. I do wish you the best of luck, though!

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123Greta, maybe after this summer hurricane/rain season we can share notes :) Are you planning on going to the Green Thumb Festival at Walter Fuller Park this month? April 27th & 28th. I'm so excited!

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I am in Orlando to give you reference but I guess it depends on what you have? My Desert Rose potted in a cacti mix loves our summers, my euphorbias (also potted) take it all in stride, the blue agave in the ground has no issues, nor does my varigated NOID agave, I have a huge NOID optunia in the ground d that is also fine I think if you make sure you have plenty of drainage there will be options for you.

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Sounds good, alkh. I may just have to cross the bridge and stop by the festival. Thanks for letting me know! :)

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I'm doing a lot of propagating in pots and rain is a real problem. Even though I think I have a well drained potting mix it still stays wet too long for the babies. I have been putting them under cover when I know it is going to rain. I am going to have to make a special spot for them so they can get the sun and I can control how much water they get. My larger succulents don't have quite the issues as the starts but I have lost some nice plants due to rot.

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