Another Dorstenia Question

bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MIMarch 3, 2012

I read that D. lavrani is dioecious. Does anyone know if this is true for other members of this genus, as may be the case for the plants I hope to purchase soon? Here's my wish list:

Dorstenia crispa var. lancifolia 4-inch pot

Dorstenia foetida (FKH 25470) 3-inch pot

Dorstenia foetida (Lav 20542) 3-inch pot

Dorstenia foetida 4-inch pot

Dorstenia sp. (L&H 10341) 4-inch pot

Dorstenia crispa 4-inch pot

And one more question, please. I've seen were some taxonomy lists D. foetida as "form" and has synonyms listed as D. crispa and D. crispa v lancifolia. So of the plants in my wish list, are there plants that are really the same and this is all a name game???????

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

As I understand it, crispa and foetida are very close to one another. Whether they are the same speces is a matter fr the taxonomists to fight about! That aside, there are definitely different forms and it's worthwhile to collect those different forms.

To the best of my knowledge, not only are foetida and crispa monoecious but self-fertile.

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penfold2(4b, MN)

I agree with everything mad said above. A book of mine lists D. foetida and crispa as the foetida/crispa complex. If you really appreciate the different forms, you should get them.

Did you decide against D. lavrani? What about D. gigas? It's my favorite, but I haven't had much luck growing it. It grows almost imperceptibly and rots easily. I'm still trying, though!

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Thanks for the info, madabouteu.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Thanks, Chris. It isn't that I've crossed D. lavrani off my list. It's rather pricy for a very small plant. I'd like one and use it to cross some of the others. D. gigas is kind of in the same boat.


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Bikerdoc...How do the plants on your wish list, differ?
What I mean is, I've seen D. crispa and D. foetida sold as two different succulents. Same family, different species.
I thought one grew viney, one upright???

Penfold..hope you're still around.
I got D. gigas for Valentine's Day from a local nursery. Dorstenia gigas was not in the succulent section of the green house. 'succulent area is kept very cool to semi-cold,' huge exhaust fans blowing above to circulate air flow.

The area D. gigas were placed is moderately cool, temps a little warmer than the succulent area.

You said you haven't had much luck growing gigas. It rots.
How often did you water? What temperature was the room it was in?

A few days after bringing D. gigas home, leaves started yellowing. It wasn't watered, fertilized, etc.
Did your ex-Dorstenia leaves yellow before rotting? I'm quite concerned. This little plant, about 8" or so, cost 20.00.
Some might consider 20.00 inexpensive, I don'

I have other Dorstenias that do well. I never thought twice about watering, ect.
Now that you mention rot, I fear the reason foliage is yellowing could be due to rot.

Do you or anyone here know how dry soil should be before giving a drink?
Should D. gigas be kept in a cool room?

I agree..D. gigas is one of the most beautiful Dorstenias around. The leaves!!! Thanks, Toni

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Dorstenia gigas has nice leaves, I will buy one this spring.
Toni, Keep warm and moist at winter, as the winters on Socotra.
Here is a link that might be useful:Dorstenia gigas

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penfold2(4b, MN)

Hi Toni.

A D. gigas for Valentine's day? I wish people would buy me gifts like that.

Dorstenias like to be warm, even hot. I think I've lost two D. gigas to rot, both during the winter. I'm sure I simply overwatered them during cool weather. I have another right now that is hanging on since I've been watering less. It's normal for the leaves to yellow and drop during dormancy. But that is also a sign that you should cut way back on water. It's possible to keep them almost completely dry while dormant, but the roots will probably not survive, requiring plants to reroot in the spring. If temperatures are reasonably warm, you can water sparingly throughout the winter. My Pachyforms book recommends a 55F minimum for this species, with 60's (night) to 70's (day) being better yet. I try to water only on sunny days. Once the weather warms and they begin growing, they can be watered quite heavily.

I'm hoping mine comes around this summer. It didn't do much last summer, but I had some bad luck with soil mixes and had to repot a lot of plants.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

If anyone ever finds a reasonably priced source/trade for Dorstenia lavrani or seeds for this species, please let me know. Thanks, Howard

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