brugs & bugs aphids & black flying thingys

steelskies(5)March 28, 2011

I live in Wis. and have a small greenhouse that I want to use for overwintering my bugs and some others. The brug got ll buds on it awhile ago, but at the same time, many aphids & others. I used a strong flush of water to remove them, and was successful, however, most of the blossoms fell off too. (probably TOO strong of a water spray?)

Now they are blooming again, and again (bad timing!) the bugs are back. I've tried the Bayer Multi-Insect spray repeately and it doesn't help. I tried the strong flush of water and it gets rid of most of them, but they always come back, slowly but surely. The darn Bayer is "guaranteed to work", I'm usiing l tbs/gal. and spraying on plants both under and on top of leaves (per instructions). I dont want to lose my buds again. I've waited all winter now for some blooms.

The Bayer says it has cyfluphrin??? (also called Tempo). It was suggested to use Neem but I cannot find it locally.

I have mostly aphids and some flying black bugs that look like mini-fruit flies. The bugs are on other plants, but not as heavily as on the brugs. BRUGS must attract bugs more than any other plant (geramiums, & misc. others)

Suggestions please! I was told to strip the leaves and put the plant in the basement overwinter, but I really want to keep it going over winter and use my greenhouse!

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I can sympathize with you. Have you thought of ladybugs? They are a natural predator of many pests, especially aphids.They eat alot of aphids, but their larvae babies eat even more! To learn more, do a google search on them- and you can buy them online. I'll be getting mine soon!:)Good Luck!
ps- do you have enough humidity in your gh? If the air's too dry, pests will multiply.

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