tom123_gw(9b)June 4, 2014

Yesterday morning I saw a beautiful Palamedes. I almost got a picture of him or her, but she was chased away by a Gulf Fritillary.

Around noon I spotted a gorgeous yellow Tiger. She was so yellow I thought at first she was a sulpher, but then I saw the black and the tail.

A little later I saw a Spicebush fluttering around.

Both the Palamedes and the Spicebush were firsts this year. I can't remember seeing all three of these the same day.

Summer is really kicking into gear.


Central Florida, Zone 9B

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Woo Hoo!! That's great, Tom!

Two of my palamedes cats have made their chrysalis, 10 of my 14 spicebush cats have made theirs, and my only tiger made its chrysalis, also. I should be seeing some swallowtails in the near future.

Palamedes swallowtails have such pretty undersides, prettier than their topside in my opinion -

I still worry about their future, what with their host plant being under attack.

I haven't seen any fritillaries, gulf or variegated this year. Hopefully, that will soon change.


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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

Wonderful news Tom!! Happy for you. When Spring kicks in, we all get antsy to see the butterflies. Here in NW GA, it is late summer-early fall when I actually get to see the most. I just saw my first Great spangled Frit the other day, and I was as excited as always!~~Angie

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Congrats, Angie. It's interesting how we see different butterflies. Gulf Frits are very common now. I don't know that I would recognize a Great Spangled Frit. We don't get them this far south, I don't believe.

Still looking for the first Pipevine and Queen here. I should be seeing the Pipevines pretty soon. I was hoping that I would see more Queens this year since I have this new white vine (Sarcostemma clausum) growing up all over.

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Hang in there Tom; you'll see Queens soon enough as soon as they discover your Sarcostemma. They can detect it from miles away. You may even see a stray Soldier as well. The more Whitevine you have, the bigger the target.
PS: Polydamas isn't out of the question for you either...


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John, I see Polydamas pretty much all the time, every day. Same now for Monarchs and Frits. I also will see a Giant or two every day, but not all the time.

The other three are more rare.

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