Starting a cryptanthus collection

clumsygrdnerSeptember 2, 2009

Martha Stewart Living features an indoor succulent garden in her September issue and I was wanting to give it a try. Cryptanthus looks like a colorful yet simple way to do this. I have only one very large window that faces east. I want to place my collection there.

I'm planning on putting the plants in 8 inch pots on a large bench. The pots will all be the same but I want a variety of Cryptanthus. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find them locally.

Soil will be just African violet soil with a slow release even number fertilizer mixed in it.

Are there any tips you could give me to help grow Cryptanthus well? And do you know of some online or mail order sources for Cryptanthus?


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When you say you're going to use 8" pots, do you mean a grouping in each pot or just one per pot? Crypts are small plants. I generally grow them in 4-5" pots, maybe 6" max. You could do a dish garden grouping of 3 in an 8", but in that case it would be better to use a shallow pot, like a bulb pan.

They aren't really succulents and don't like to dry out much. They don't like to be out in full sun either, but indoors in a bright window should be fine. Try Michael's Bromeliads or Tropiflora for mail order. Both are online.

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Thanks for the information!

I thought they were succulents because they were listed in a page about them...

Also, thanks for the sizing. I have one large window but if necessary, I can move the crypts away from it a little. The can hang out with the snake plant I just bought.

I'll look at those vendors. Thank you!

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