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ariole(z7DE)March 9, 2006

PapaÂs been to Wal-Mart


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jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)

Papa Mambo Al,

That looks like a Notocactus, but is it (gasp) the blatantly blasphemous artificial flower on top that I spy? Say it ain't so, Al - don't tell me you've been taken advantage of by those Wally World idolators. I can't handle the truth.

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Jeffrey, I'm so ashamed.

When I unpacked my purchases, Bridget the most aloof feline in the house gave me one of her withering looks that surely said "You've been drinking beer again, haven't you?"

Surgery has been scheduled for the near future.


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Al, I have mine tentatively labeled as N. succineus var. albispinus. If it's the same as mine, you'll see some beautiful pale yellow flowers this summer (much nicer than the straw ones!). I'll pick up strawflower laden cactus if I like the plant, but I've had some problems removing all of the fake flower. By the way, this Noto is very 'pettable', for those of you who aren't into the pricklies!

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vilcat(z4b NH)

I love it! (except for the so called "bloom"). I just got a new Mammillaria from Walmart too and thought at first that it had some of those strawflowers on it but it turned out to be real honest to goodness flowers. The plant has red spines and I can't figure out what type of Mam it is.
Maybe I'll be fortunate enough to find a Notocactus like you have..."pettables" are nice.


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tjsangel(z5 OH)

Nice one Al! I too have been lulled into those cacti with the straw flowers. They have to go and ruin a beautiful plant. Just be very careful removing it-I've gotten 2 Mamms like this and ripped out some of the hair/spines! That glue is something else.


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Is this a form of Notocactus scopa?

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You're close, Larry.

The Parodia expert calls it Parodia rudibueneckeri. I'm needing to order longer labels.


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