Pineapple plant suddenly growing sideways

bawlawSeptember 18, 2013

Hi. I have a pineapple plant from a top about 2 years old now. This spring I replanted the plant into a larger pot and placed it outside for the summer and it had a growth sprut. Sometime mid summer the plant started to grow sideways like a number '7'. Although the sunlight was coming from above I thought I would flip the plant so maybe it would correct itself. Instead it continued to grow sideways. I checked the stalk to see if it had weakened but it was still solid. I checked online and the only thing that came up was 'yellow spot disease' the symtoms were yellow dots on the leaves and a sudden growth sideways. I checked te plant and notice one brown dot (size of a pencil eraser tip) on a leaf almost like a dried out spot but it was more brown than yellow. Anyone experience this?

If the plant is diseased and fruits it is safe to eat? I am not sure how this happened but should I keep it away from the other plants or pineapple plants?

I am thinking the plant may fruit soon since its been so long. Also i am not if it is a sign of fruiting but new leaves are way wider than the older ones. Should I expect this plant to fruit soon?

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Do you have a photo you could post?

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