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avane_gwSeptember 11, 2008

Lyndi, I have a suggestion for you and do not want to clutter up that other thread with it.

I know you like the big and unusual ones. Concider getting yourself a Neo (carolinae variegata x Fairchild) x Bobby Hull. It is a bit pricy but is worth every cent. Mine is a bit dull looking after the Winter but should start getting some colour soon. And mine is also triggered by Winter into flowering. In your tropical climate, it should grow into a huge, multi-layered rosette. If you want to see the colour it could get, look at the picture of Neo Baby Skotak on FCBS. It is a grex-mate of Baby Skotak, the variegation is just a bit more irregular. Otherwise, get the real Baby Skotak!

Neo (carolinae variegata x Fairchild) x Bobby Hull:


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Wow! Japie

Yes, I like the big and the unusual! Hehe.
I like the variegation in the one you showed and I was looking at the Baby Skotak too. Thanks!

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