Please Id. Bromeliad

bromelia2010September 11, 2010

Hi..appreciate the help

What are this Bromeliad ? there are two of the same in the photo, from the Florida. I thought they were Tillandsias but have small spines in the margins of the leaves.

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Ufff the photo. I am new to the forum...sorry

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It looks like and Aechmea recurvata, probably var. benrathii (although I have three 'forms' of benrathii...I think most people tend to call any small form of recurvata a variety benrathii).

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I agree with the Ae. recurvata part, Andy, but not the v. benrathii part. It's a little too dried out to say for sure, but benrathii generally has a lot of purplish black pigment in the lower leaf, at least if it's been in the sun.

Although it will grow epiphytically, it would probably be happier in a pot than mounted and treated like a Tillandsia.

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