What is my aloe trying to tell me?

borrego(Z 10 L.A. Cal.)March 26, 2006

My limited aloe knowledge indicates to me curling leaves = problems with the roots. Probably lack of water. However, I fear soil compaction. The 1 gallon container this is in feels like it is filled with cement, it is very heavy. Leaves look a little dehydrated as well, as if water is not percolating through the soil to the roots. Color is normal for this plant. I just purchased this aloe from the Granite Hills Nursery, where they have this growing in the ground. Plant offsets where the flower stalk branches, a new pup will grow at the fork. Strange. Anyone who can properly identify this probable hybrid aloe should gain instant aloe stud status.

Image link:

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Is that fleurentinorum? The purple colour makes me think of that one.

And when you say the soil is like cement I cant help thinking that the soil is so compacted that the plant is having difficulty taking up water.
Maybe a repot into better draining soil?

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borrego(Z 10 L.A. Cal.)

In the 4 days since I have repotted this, it is greening up an bit and has uncurled it leaves some. It has endured a day of rain. It is not a fleurentinorum, although I can easily see where the comparison could be made. I have been told one of the southern California's foremost aloe experts, Kelly Griffin, has not been able to identify it..........

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sjv78736(austin texas)

it is a beautiful color! let us know if you get a proper id .

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