Aechmea recurvata?

pbunchSeptember 20, 2008

I have a small growing Aechmea I would like to ID. It has strongly recurved leaves with substantial spines. The base of the leaf blade, where itattaches to the sheating portion of the leaf is swollen in a sculpted triangular formation. The inflorescense is barely exserted from the rosette. The bracts are red and the mature fruit is almost black in color.Would this be A. recurvata?


Phil Bunch


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It does sound like Ae. recurvata, Phil, but without a picture it's hard to be sure.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ae. recurvata

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Thanks. After doing some searching for images I'm comfortable with Ae. recurvata.

I have several of these and they are currently planted in a rather heavy potting medium. I'm going to replant them into something with better drainage and areation.

The materials I have at hand are coir, rice hulls and corse coir chips. I have an Aechmea tillandsiodes that is doing well in the corse chips. Is Ae.recurvata likely to respond well to this medium?


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That sounds fine, Phil.

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Phil, if there is any likelihood of rats or mice in the area I would stay clear of the rice hulls. I used them many years ago in an orchid mix while living next door to a bloke who had chooks. Within a week plants were dug out and pots tipped over due I think to the rats looking for grain among the hulls. I repotted everything in another mix without the rice husks and no more problems - All the best, Nev.

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