Bromeliads wanted!

shawnintlandSeptember 3, 2008

I am looking for a source for young bromeliads for a project I am doing here in Thailand. Depending on the price, I could use 100-200 plants. I will post a picture showing the size/type of plant I would like but the species is not so important. The type of plants I need would be young out-growths from a mother plant (like in the picture), and I would like them to have 2" or more of the hard stem attached. If anyone is thinking of thinning their plants I would be happy to discuss buying them from you! Also, if anyone knows of wholesale bromeliad suppliers in Thailand I would appreciate contact information.

Thank you!




Here is a link that might be useful:

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Chanin in the Bangkok area might be able to direct you if he reads this post
Good luck with your project

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I think there are several wholesaler in bangkok that can provide bromeliad for your project.

If you are in Bangkok, please go to JJ market on Wednesday. I think there are a number of shops there.

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Hi kxs106,

Unfortunately, I'm about 700 K. away from JJ Market! I have contacted one exporter in Bangbon and have a small test order being sent out on Monday, but would still appreciate any other contacts.


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Could you please send your contact to my e-mail ?

I may go to JJ market this week then i could ask them to contact you directly.

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Thanks kxs106! I've e-mailed you.

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Thanks again everyone! Here are a couple pictures of the first plants going in. There is a lot left to do! I'm still looking for more!

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