Let the IDing begin...

vilcat(z4b NH)March 10, 2006

Here is the first batch of cactus plants that need names.

I'm counting on you all.

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Well, I want to say that your first 12 are outstandingly happy looking plants. I see at least these: echinocactus, echinocereus, echinofossulocactus, echinopsis, lobivia, gymnocalycium, mammillaria, notocactus, and maybe a sulcorebutia.

If the remaining 90% of your purchase are a good as these your will have quite an outstanding collection. Score!


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vilcat(z4b NH)

So Paracelsus, which ones are which, so I can label them?
The other plants are just as healthy and beautiful. I did get one non-cactus...an Agave, but I also received 121 plants so it was a freebee. Jim (the vender) also sent some unrooted cuttings of two succulents, one I believe is Ruschia crassa, and the other looks like little "tiger jaws" in a branch form.
Did I mention that I was so pleased with this batch of plants that I ordered another batch of 120?


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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Lets see, two sets of nine. I'll see which ones I know :)

1 Mammillaria, M. formosa I think
2 Stenocactus (Echinfossulocatus) phyllacanthus , or maybe a different species
3 Mammillaria bocasana
4 Echinocereus? E. viridiflorus, perhaps, with seedpods
5 Gymnocalycium bruchii
6 Mammillaria heyderi I think, not sure which subspecies, meiacantha?
7 Mammillaria marksiana (?)
8 Thelocactus? Need more detail.
9 Sulcorebutia ?

I'll try the other set later. Do post the Faucaria and Ruschia, I'm interested in seeing those.

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For me? :-]

I really don't like to offer identifications unless I am certain, but here or some ideas:

#1 is a mammillaria
#2 is a lobivia (echinopsis) whose exact name eludes me
#3 is a young echinocactus, maybe
#4 is another mamm
#5 is probably a notocactus
#6 i'm clueless
#7 looks like oreocereus
#8 is a gymnocalycium or possible echinocactus
#9 is a notocactus

second photo:

#10 is a mamm, mam.
#11 is stenocactus (echinofossulocactus)
#12 is yet another mamm.
#13 looks like echinocereus reichenbachii
#14 is a lovely gymnocalycium
#15 and #16 are again mamms, mam.
#17 and #18 are really cute, but I think I am all out of clues.

Eighteen plants in those photos, not twelve. That should teach me to count.

So there, you have my opinions. Don't go putting tags on anything yet, please. Others will correct my many errors and misperceptions. I hope.


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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Second lot (or first!):
1 Mammillaria decipiens, probably subspecies camptotricha
2 Rebutia? Lobivia?
3 Echinocactus?
4 Mammillaria zeilmanniana
5 Is it trying to flower?
6 Mammillaria albicoma
7 What's inside there, an Eriosyce?
8 Mammillaria decipiens ssp albescens?
9 Notocactus ?

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vilcat(z4b NH)

Thanks you guys, you're great.
There are quite a few Mams (which I love), most are in flower or bud.

Shrubs, When I said "Tiger Jaws" I didn't mean that it was Faucaria, just that it looked like Faucaria's little "jaws". I've never seen a plant like this before so I hope someone can tell me what it is.
I'll post a picture of both cuttings soon.

Para, the "lovely Gymnocalycium's" flowers are sweetly scented, what a bonus!


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vilcat(z4b NH)

Shrubs, Yes #5 is budding.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Top row:
Mamm camptotricha cultivar?
A Sulcorebutia
a Mammilaria?

middle row:
Mamm zeilmanniana
dont know
dont know

front row:
dont know
another mamm camptotricha
a Parodia?

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Ah, I cant ID most ofmthese, tho tere are two mamms at either end of the top row with a Echinofossulocactus/Stenocactus in the middle

Middle plant in the middle row looks like a Gymnocalycium(flowers have naked stems)

Bottom row, mamm nivosa on the left?

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When I saw those, I thought immediately that they looked like plants from "jiimz"-- he has some really nice stuff! (Congrats on the Arios; surprising they're still listed.)

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vilcat(z4b NH)

ooojen, Aren't Jim's plants great!? I've bought from him several years ago, that's how I got a lot of my non-cactus succulents, like my Agaves, Aloes, Gasterias, Hawarthias, and others. I like his plant "lots". He has a "lot" of 64 succulents, but I have most of them from when I bought from him before.
The Arios appear to be very healthy and of good size for the price. I look forward to receiving them.
Have you purchased from Jim too?


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milwdave(Zone5 Milwaukee)

Who is 'Jim'? he seems to have nice plants...:)


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vilcat(z4b NH)

Jim is a vender on ebay that I love dealing with. His ebay ID is Jiimz.

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Kathy-- Yes, I've bought some stuff from him-- in lots, like you mentioned. I got some wonderful little mesembs from him one time, and I got some mixed plants that I used for a volunteer project for my DD's school class (of course I "culled" out a few that seemed like they'd do better at my house - lol -- Fair game, since I was paying!)
The plants were nice and healthy, and Jim's great to work with.
About the time Hoodia started to get big publicity as a weight-loss tool, he'd just picked up somebody's large Hoodia collection to re-sell. He really cashed in on the timing. Some of the plants went for absolutely ridiculous prices! I was happy for him. It's not like he was working anybody over; people bid what they wanted to bid. It's good to see a nice, decent seller fall into an opportunity like that.

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