My two bigenerics : x Dyckcohnia vs x Puckia

stephaniaSeptember 6, 2006

Among the spiny things in my house, I found these two bigeneric that looked more and more handsome as they grow up.

This is my x Dyckcohnia 'Conrad Morton' (Dyckia macedoi x Deuterocohnia meziana) that I got from Dutch Vandervort last year.

And this is my x Puckia 'Sparkle' (Puya laxa x (Dyckia fosteriana x platyphylla) )

that I got from Tropiflora last year too.

I've seen somewhere called this bigeneric as 'Dyckipu' too.

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Patris(9 Gulf Coast)

They are both beautiful, but that Conrad Morton is stunning!

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bob740(zone 6 ,NY)

Hi all, Heres another photo of the same cross,and at Michael's,he calls it Dyckipu 'Sparkle'.This particular plant was obtained from Tropiflora. About a year old in this pic. A fairly fast grower. Bob

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Love 'Conrad Morton'! That streaking is most unusual.

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bob740(zone 6 ,NY)

Stephania,that'Conrad Morton' would be my #1 prized 'sticky' brom. I sure would like to obtain one. I've tried to go to Dutch's website many times,but it has always been "unable to display page" .Do you have any info on this ? Bob

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Wow Bob...your "Dickipu" (I do really like this sound funny LOL) is charming with more deep red color.

That's surely, you will make more streaking pattern, as Lisa mentioned, than mine here, if you grow this one overthere.

As I've heard from my friend, Dutch Vandervort might be out of business right now. The last time my friend visited Dutch' collection in last October, this great collector just gonna retire, that why I could get some rare stuffs from him, such as 4 plants of Dyckia estevesii, 2 of x Dyckcohnia 'Conrad Morton' , Dyckia marnier-lapostollei var. estevesii and some nice zeric. I've seen Dutch somewhere in Cycad forum of Yahoo group or around here, I think.

I'm quite sure that Tropiflora have 'Conrad Morton', as the pic showed in FCBS. Anyway, I noticed that one of my plant seem to shoot a flower bud on its tip, so I do hope I could have some pups nearly soon.

My 'Conrad Morton' months ago. (Who's Conrad Morton...anyone know? As the breeder of this plant is Mr Paul Hutchinson)

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I have the x Puckia as well--one of my favorites.

I saw a posting of Dutch having a sale because his lease was up. That is too bad if he closed. Lots of good growers have closed or retired recently.

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