Euphorbia ID help

mingtea(z9 Tucson)March 6, 2006

hi folks,

it's spring in tucson and i spent the weekend repotting and checking on plants. when i was in oregon, i got this pot from a friend a couple years ago and it's been a mystery to me since. it was a bit lanky when i got it, but has put on more compact growth since being in higher light. cuttings bleed the typical white milk but i haven't seen it flower. it survived the mild AZ winter outside, which included a couple freezing nights that killed smaller succulents (ah well, live and learn...)

thanks in advance for any ID help!


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octopus(SE Europe)

Hi Ming,
Just a guess from a non-specialist: E. submammillaris?
Regards, Octopus

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cactus_kate(7b Moab, UT)

Hi, Ming.

I am not sure what it is but it seems to like Tucson! How are YOU liking Tucson? How is Big Lizard doing? Do you have pics of him with the Euphorbia in question? : )


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this plant is either Euphorbia submammillaris fa. pfersdorfii or the hybrid of E. submammillaris called Green Elf.


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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

ah, frank! you always come through.
i thought it looked a lot like E. submammillaris, as the octopus suggested, but the pictures i found weren't quite right. i'll tag this one promptly so i don't forget. pictures i found look so nice--maybe i'll remove the more compact clump and try to grow an ideal plant!

kate: tucson is growing on me--at least i'm getting settled. there are some great C&S places here and i'm enjoying exploring them! big lizard gets to go outside every morning and roam about at will. i'm sure i have a picture of him with said plant somewhere! for now, here is a painting my sister did of biggie and C. europeae:


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Oh My Gosh Ming,

I thought that was the photo again (that I remember from a few months ago). Took closer inspection (of the wood grain & deck rails) to see it WAS a painting & not the photo (also the signature is there too).

Pls. tell your sister she did a GREAT job (from a fellow artist), just amazing!!!

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cactus_kate(7b Moab, UT)

Hi, Ming.

I remember that photo...such a handsome lizard! Your sister is very talented with a brush, too! Kudos to her(from another fellow artist)! Glad to hear that you're liking Tucson...honestly that's where I'd love to live, but DH doesn't like it, so I must wait... : )


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