planting brugmansia in pots

honeybunny2(Z9TX)March 1, 2011

I just went and bought some thick clay pots that are glazed on the outside, but are clay on the inside. Can I plant brugmansia plants inside these pots? Are there any special things I need to know before I do this? I will try pots this year, to see if I can get better results. I bought 6- 10 gallon, and 2-20 gallon pots to start with. Barbra

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Hi Barbra-
I've never used clay pots for my brugs, but have always planted them in ground. Since the pots you are going to use are glazed on the outside, they probably won't dry out as fast, but I'm sure since your in Texas, you'll have to be careful that they don't dry out too fast. I think you'll get better advice from other Texans here soon. Make sure your pots aren't too large for the plant you are growing. I usually pot up to the next size. Hope that helps!

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princealbert(Aransas Pass TX)

All mine are in plastic pots all sizes from Big Lots. I can't get them to over winter here in the ground.,except for the 2 that are covered by the temp gh.
I haven't tried clay pots.

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The problem with terra cotta that isn't glazed on the inside is that the roots stick to the interior of the pot. It's not really an issue because a brug will survive having it's feeder roots ripped just fine but it can be a PITA to get it out of the pot. I would use a plastic nursery pot inside of the terra cotta one. Another issue is weight. A terra cotta pot big enough for a mature brug is going to be soooo heavy. Have you tried sinking nursery pots? Next to being able to plant my brugs directly inground I think that sinking them works best. They are so much lower maintenance when in the ground, directly or sunk in pots. I hope yours do well this year.

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Thank's Karyn, for posting the reason why. I remember you posting not to plant in ceramic pots that were not glazed inside. I thought since these were clay and so thick, they might be ok. The last 2 years have been horrible, I did not see any blooms last year. I lost all but one brugmansia to the freeze in 2009, with new cuttings from Eddie, I started over. In Nov I lost the cuttings CB sent. In Feb, I covered all my plants, but the tips were nipped by the freeze. I am going down Thursday, and will replant the brugmansia and siam bananas that survived. I know I need to do something, since we are getting these record breaking freezing winters. Prince Albert, Ross for less has pots 75% off what they sell at Lowes. Barbra

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Barbra - You can plant the brugs in a large nursery pot and set it inside the decorative container. Last year I set the nursery pots into a mound of soil and mulch out in the yard as recommended on the forum here. When it got cold I just pulled them up and brought them inside for a few weeks. They are starting to set buds now.

Thanks for the tip on Ross, there's one near me. I'll head over there next Tuesday. :-)

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Rock Oak Deer, I went yesterday because of the 10% off on Tuesday. They had them in the front of the store as well as the back. People were buying alot of them, you might not want to wait until Tuesday. I went to the Ross at Bandera Rd, Huebner Oaks, and the RIM. I wanted 4 pots that matched for my brugmansia bed. Barbra

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Yes, I usually go to Ross on Tuesday for the discount too, but didn't think about it yesterday. I'll try to get over there today because I really need some new containers. 10% isn't much but it does help a bit. I was at Home Goods at the Rim yesterday and they only had small pots.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

I'm back from the big trip to Ross. They had quite a few mostly smaller pots left but none that really worked for me. At least I checked because those are great prices. This was the Ross at 1604/281, Northwoods Center.

Tuesday Morning had some nice ones at good prices last week too.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

There is a product called Pruning Seal that you can purchase at Home Depot or Lowes. It is in a spray can and kinda like a spray tar. You use it for sealing wounds when you prune shrubs, trees etc. It has another use as a pot sealer. Give the insides of your clay pots a few coats and let dry for a few days. Then you can plant whatever you want in them. I have even used it to waterproof some nice urns for bowl lotus and waterlilies etc.

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Rock Oak Deer, call the Huebner Oaks store, they had alot of large pots. They had some with a saucer on the bottom, and were $4 more than the pots without the saucer. I think they were glazed inside also. I bet they still have some of those, they had 4 of those 10 gallon pots in the front of the store, when I left. Call them, they will hold them for you. They are the store that is close to USAA. Barbra

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I grow mot of my brugs in pots. Terracotta pots are not a good choice for growing them as the roots dry out earlier.

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