Some stuff getting ready to bloom

fouquieria(10b)March 9, 2006

Went around the yard the other day to see what might be getting ready to bloom. Here is what I found--


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Oh, nice stuff! I am envious of your Pachypodium namaquanums. Mine lost all its leaves recently. It seems to be responding to more light and moisture now that it is Spring and it is back outside. It is severely underpotted right now and it is good to see yours in the ground. I thought it was too cold for this plant during the winter here in SF Bay peninsula, and kept it inside for a couple of months. I got my first half-men last summer and am still uncertain how it will like living here. What is your location?

Nice to see the blooming aloes too and your dense and diverse plantings. Good growing!

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Thanks. I live about 10 miles due east of San Diego (I can see downtown from my balconies). I had the P. namaquanums for a number of years in pots. I've discovered they are among the easiest of Pachys to grow. They seem to handle the cold and wet quite well here.

Just an FYI--for me at least, the more difficult Pachys for me to grow OUTSIDE are P. rosulatum and P. horombense. I lost a really nice, blooming P. horombense in a pot last year--just by moving it to a different, less sunny spot!

The really touchy ones like P. eburneum and P. makayense I grow inside in one of those kitchen window greenhouses.


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