Seeking These Specimens for My Collection.

Zacherie(6b NY)March 4, 2014

Hello -

I am seeking the following plants for my collection, but I am having difficulty finding them. Please assist me in my search. Thank you! I will pay for postage and/or make a plant trade for those who are interested. (I am moving from NY to LA in July so I will soon be able to grow most of these outside).

�Agave mapisaga
�Alluaudia humbertii
�Alluaudia procera
�Angraecum sesquipedale
�Araucaria araucana
�Cinnamomum zeylanicum
�Cnidoscolus angustidens
�Colletia paradox
�Crassula umbella
�Dorstenia foetida
�Encephalartos horridus
�Gunnera manicata
�Hoya imbricata
�Hoya imperialis
�Hoya lauterbachii
�Hoya obovata
�Pachypodium namaquanum
�Platycerium superbum
�Proboscidea parviflora
�Puya chilensis
�Sauromatum venosum
�Solanum pyracanthum
�Theobroma cacao
�Cylindropuntia fulgida
�Urtica ferox
�Dendrocnide moroides
�Heracleum mantegazzianum
�Maihuenia poeppigii
�Entada gigas
�Desmodium gyrans
�Fouquieria splendens
�Tristellateia australasiae
�Albuca spiralis
�Ceropegia sandersonii
�Cyphostemma currorii
�Monadenium echinulatum
�Monilaria chrysoleuca
�Pelargonium appendiculatum
�Pseudolithos migiurtinus
�Uncarina roeoesliana

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Most of those will be easy to buy once you get to Los Angeles, as most are available locally (lot easier than driving them out here). A few will cost you a LOT and a few will NOT grow outdoors here (so you will need a greenhouse). And a few just don't do well unless you have a cooled greenhouse (such as Araucaria araucana and Gunnera)... since they don't tolerate the heat here. But not to worry... you find thousands of other things to obsess about in your searches here!

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Zacherie(6b NY)

Thank you for the advice and you do make good points. I am just anxious to complete (at least temporarily) my collection. Ha. The border patrol of CA is difficult though concerning inbound plant specimens...

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Zacherie,

Seems to me it makes more sense to buy them once you're there. (I collect Hoyas, Sans & other succulents).

2 of 4 of the Hoyas you're listing aren't cheap nor easy to find, nor have I known folks growing them outdoors (H imperialis & lauterbachii, usually in greenhouses). The H. obovata is easier to find, don't know abt the imbricata. Why not wait 'til you get there by which time SRQ Hoyas (just moved from FL to PA) will likely be back up & running can probably help you w/ the Hoyas. MAYBE Cowboyflowerman on EBay can too.

I grow Ceropegia sandersonii myself, maybe we could swap a few pieces of that for a few of other Hoyas in the Spring?

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Crassula umbella I may be able to help you with some seeds I have a few of these that just flowered and there a pain in the button so picky I've grown them from seed and the get about 1 to 2 inch then go dormant then they will grow from the roots a week later and repeat lol if I get seeds I will let you know they are very tiny I could send you some

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Here's a "seedling" from last year that is no bigger now just with more heads and is currently dormant

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Sorry for the sideways pics

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Zacherie(6b NY)

Hey pirate_girl,

Yeah, I know that these specimens are rather difficult to locate and acquire, but I thought that I would give the forum a chance in the hopes that a few may be available. Every once and a while one gets lucky! Haha. Thank you for the tips on where I might find them when relocated.

Things will be quite hectic when I finally make it to LA for the first month or so, that is why I am attempting to establish plants before they make the move so that they will be more durable. I will most likely wait for most of them though, but seedlings and seeds are always welcome as they are so small and easily maneuverable.

Ooh, the C. sandersonii would be quite a treat. You can check out my swap list and perhaps there may be other plants that you would like to have. I do have access to four different species of Hoya (H. australis, H. compacta, H. lanceolata and I forgot the fourth).

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Zacherie(6b NY)

Hey wweidele -

That would be great, C. umbrella is a beauty. I never knew that the propagation was so finicky a task. I accept the challenge though and I thank you for reaching out to me with such a great plant. Is there anything that you would like from my list of plants? (My list is not complete, there are many ferns, orchids, cacti, Hoyas et al that are not listed).

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