Tillandsia seedlings

o2tiller(N/A)September 24, 2013

I was recently doing some plant maintenance and was suprised to see about a half dozen seedlings attached to a grey T. stricta that is growing indoors. Earlier in the year, I had several ionanthas flowering, along with a soft grey form of T. stricta.

After pollinating several of the ionanthas with a paint brush, just for the 'hey' of it, I decided to cross-pollinate one of the ionanthas with the stricta. The flower feathered and I let it run its course. Never gave it another thought until today. Not the best picture, but you can definitely see the attached seedlings.

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That's awesome. I figured the joints/pits/what-have-you around the rosette was hospitable to all sorts of life, mostly spiders for mine, but I didn't know seedlings could take root so successfully in there.

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That gives meaning to the nickname "air plant". They will grown any where the conditions are suitable.

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