going from water to soil

missKay610(7)March 10, 2013

I am new to gardening and someone gave me a few clippings from their angel trumpet plant last summer and I have kept them in water all winter indoors and they have grown and have a good set of roots. Today, I decided to place them in soil and since doing so, the leaves have wilted. They were nice and firm before I placed them in soil.


I read somewhere that these do best in full sun. Is that right? I have them sitting on my front porch now which just gets morning/early afternoon sun.

Thank you in advance! If I sound like a newbie...it's because I am!

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I would keep them in the shade until they become more established, then move to more sun.

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They will make new roots now that they're in soil. The type of roots that plants make in water is different from the type that they make in soil. That may be why they've wilted, but these are brugs and they'll recover quickly.

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