Huernia hystrix flower buds shriveling and dying

Joey1987March 7, 2012

Last month I bought Huernia hystrix and H. zebrina. The hystrix has started to develop new flower buds, which seem to be developing up to a point and then shriveling and dying off. The plants are currently indoors and only get about an hour of direct sunlight very early in the morning. This sunlight is not enough to hurt the plants, because my Phalaenopsis orchid also seems to be liking it (no signs of sunburn for the 4 months I had the phal). I live in South Africa. Right now it is summer, but it is not hot enough for the plants to be suffering (end of summer, approaching autumn). What could be the cause of the buds dying off? Is there anything I can do? The medium is very well draining and I water very carefully. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Not that I have personal experience with this particular stapelia, but I believe when they are in a growth period, they need more water. Otherwise, you'll experience bud-blast. I also think your Huernia would enjoy more sun/more heat. Are you able to put it outside?

Good luck with it!

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