Euphorbia mammallaris variegata in bloom

biwako_of_abiMarch 1, 2006

I took this picture about two months ago. When I first got the plant, nearly four years ago, I wasn't sure how much sun to give it, since it doesn't have much chlorophyll, but it has been flourishing in the ground where it gets sun up till around 2:00 in the summer, but less in the winter.

Image link:

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Yes, I know, the weeds are shameful!

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deefar(zone 5 NY)

How exciting. Now if only I can get mine to do that.


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It happened over quite a period of time while the plant was being shamefully neglected. Every so often I would notice it and think, Hmm, it's growing pups, or Nice color coming in, I really ought to weed it. But benign neglect can do wonders, as most of us here have found out. It helps to live in the San Diego area, too!

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My mammillaris variegata is also just starting to flower.

I don't think benign neglect includes not removing weeds! I admit sometimes justifying not pulling weeds when I first see them by concluding that they will only help pull moisture out of the bed faster. That's a good thing, no?

The top dressing in my garden (1/2 inch stone) seems to discourage most unwanted greenery ;)

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Para: I didn't think about the distinction between "shameful neglect" and "benign neglect" and sort of claimed both, but thanks to that hint about pulling moisture out of the bed (which gave me an "Aha" moment--YES! It's the same principle that keeps us from over-potting our cacti!), maybe I will purposely leave more weeds in with my plants from now on! The ones in my main succulent bed have to put up with all getting the same amount of water from the sprinkler system, so weeds just might be lifesavers for some that are prone to rot. Now see what you've done! Now I have an excuse to stop weeding altogether. lol
I am definitely planning to look for Salmon Bay gravel because I like the looks of it in your garden so much, but haven't had a chance to visit Hansen Aggregates recently.

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