notolover(5)March 23, 2013

Getting some flowering activity in the sunroom, but I'm not home to get good pics. I'm really hoping I'll be here to witness the flowering of my tiger aloe, It's pushing a flower stalk now for the first time.

My desert rose plants are getting a lot of leaves. I guess from the longer/warmer days.

I've recently acquired more Echinopsis hybrids and placed my semi-annual order from Huntington Gardens. I'm really going to have to thin out my Notocactus babies. I just don't have room to give everyone the proper conditions. Summer is not a problem, but winter is tough.

All I know is that when I'm lucky to be home for 4 waking hours during legislature, I'm glad I grow succulents instead of Bonsai. And I'm glad I have box turtles instead of a dog right now. ;-)

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FerocactusLatispinus(Zone 4/Sunset 43 WI)

I've a Parodia ottonis ssp. Venclusianus (most likely) that's about 3" in diameter; it's already tried to produce 4-5 offshoots last year, so I suspect it'll flower this summer. Last winter, the roots dried up, I cut a fresh base, and since last summer, it's grown a new root system; I originally thought it was an Echinopsis mammillosa, but that was before it began to offshoot; so I had no idea it was a Notocactus and needed watering in the winter!

I also have a G. friedrichii that I noticed this morning is producing flower buds.

It's definitely spring in WI (even though there's still a foot of snow everywhere), and good thing too! Dormancy in cacti is certainly no fun.

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Hooray for Spring!! (:

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