More close-up riddles

avane_gwSeptember 3, 2009

Lisa made me take a closer look at my broms and I had my camera with my the other day while looking. So, while she is shuffling the cards for the next test, here are some of mine. Much easier, just to keep you all on your toes!











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Oh, was I supposed to be working on another one? I thought maybe you guys needed a break! Okay, I'll get right on it.

Meanwhile, my guesses:

#1) Neo. Predatress
#2) Ae. ampla
#3) Vr. saundersii
#4) Neo. Kiko
#5) Neo. carcharodon 'Silver'
#6) Neo. carcharodon (spotted sp. Brazil)
#7) Vr. fosteriana (Red Chestnut?)
#8) Vr. philippo-coburgii variegated
#9) Vr. Margarita
#10) Neo. carcharodon......... 'Rainbow'?

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Yeah, what she said.
I had the ampla and carcharodons, but otherwise only could have guessed genera.

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Good on you Japie, but now I can't follow on after your answers for copying!
Still, following Lisa is pretty good - and I agree with her on several, but have no idea of a couple of them.

#1 - Neo. 'First Prize' variegated (that was my first impression, but I reckon Lisa is probably spot on with 'Predatress')
#2 - Ae. ampla - very topical, and just love those red tips!
#3 - Vr. guttata
#4 - Neo. 'No Idea'
#5 - Bill. sanderiana
#6 - Neo. 'Haven't a Clue, But Probably What Lisa Said' - and I really want one!
#7 - Vr. gigantea var. seideliana (Nova)
#8 - Vr. 'Rafael' (p.-c. variegated)
#9 - Vr. 'Margarita'
#10 - Neo. carcharodon....umm 'Macho'? no, wait...umm 'Tiger'?


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Much easier??? Probably easier when youÂve taken the picÂs ;-) But good to be back into the guessing games after the brains had a bit of a rest!

I looked at #1 & thoughtÂyes IÂve seen thatÂbut couldnÂt think of a nameÂso had to find one that would fit, & of course not copy L or K. So, hereÂs my pick:-

#1 Neo. Enchantment variegated
#2 Aech. ampla
#3 Vr saundersii
#4 Neo Cheers
#5 Aech. bracteata?
#6 Neo ? olens hybrid?
#7 Vr fosteriana Red Chestnut interspecies crossÂ
#8 Vr Rafael
#9 Vr. ?
#10 Neo carcharodonÂI was gonna say Tiger, but on second thought IÂll say itÂs Giant.

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LOL Andrew! - love your answer for #7.

K :)

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I wish you could see my smile - ALL of you fell for my trap!

Lisa got 5. I thought you would get #6, but it is not a carcharodon!

Andy, so you got at least 2 wrong.

Kerry got 2. If you had not changed your mind, it could have been 3!

Andrew got 3. Because you changed your mind!

I know there's a lot out there looking like #1 but I used this one because I think it is the better one of the lot. Nobody got it right. I thought Kerry would have got it, as it is closer to home.

#2 is the trap! Here's another picture of it. Same plant, just an older leaf tip (ignore the 3 dark spots, that's a bit of hail damage):

And #7 is maybe a bit misleading with only the light from the back at such a close distance. Lisa is half right. It's named after the hybridiser's spouse.

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Sorry Andrew, I should have given you 4 points for originality as you are actually right for #7!

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If I got half of #7, does that give me 5 1/2 or 4 1/2 points? "named after the hybridiser's spouse"...... Sherlette Shiigi?

Actually my initial impulse for #2 was Neo. cyanea, but I know you like the big guys, Japie, and then that ampla photo.....

From your clues, I'm guessing #10 is Tiger?

#6 is throwing me because of the spines, but maybe it's just the way it's cropped that makes them look so big. Wally Berg?

#1...... I fold. Gotta be something I don't know.

Was #5 right or did you sneak in a dark-spined Ae. bracteata like Nick?

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OK after a fair bit of scouting and scowling... here's my best guess Japie...

#1 Yep, agree with Andrew - Neo. 'Enchantment' variegated if it's not Predatress
#2 Ae. 'Dunno mate' ?'ve got stumper there ?!!..maybe it's not an Aechmea tho ? Hmmm
#3 Vr. saundersii
#4 Neo. 'Blood Shot Eyes'
#5 Neo. 'Silver'
#6 Neo. 'Polka Dot'
#7 Vr. fosteriana 'Red Chestnut' something...can't find her name sorry ?
#8 Vr. 'Rafael'
#9 Vr. 'Margarita'
#10 Neo. 'Macho'


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No Graeme, #2 is not an Aechmea!

I'll update again tonight, just came to grab some luch quickly!

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Well i would only be copying some answers,or (following ) and am hopeless,but No1 i thought was 'Predatoress, but no, so could be 'Hot Gossip' or 'Wild Gossip' it does'nt look right for 'Enchantment Var' Love your answer for No 7 Andrew, I would go with 'shirlette' but you could do that sort of shot with a number of Vr, No3 saundersii , and yes 'Rafael' and 'Margarita' i could pick ,after that i was pretty well lost ,so from here on in i have to start looking at plants in a different way, but its good ,Jack

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OK, second attempt based on the *clues* & a little copying to see if I can at least get a pass mark this time ;-) More confused on #1 nowÂthinking Aussie hybrid, & that really was a sneaky trap for #2Âbut IÂm still no closer even with your 2nd pic.
#1 Neo. Good for Grace, or maybe one of the Aussie Dreams?
#2 Neo?
#3 Vr. saundersii
#4 Neo. Kiko
#5 Neo. carcharodon Silver
#6 Neo. olens hybrid?
#7 Vr. Shirlette Shiigi
#8 Vr. Rafael
#9 Vr. Margartia
#10 Neo. carcharodon Giant / MachoÂcause theyÂre one in the same arenÂt they???!

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Ha ha, what happened to "Much easier, just to keep you all on your toes!"...and then to set a trap!?! If it was all that easy, surely all I had to do was copy Lisa's answers! Ha ha. I do agree with Andrew and #1 now (why start being original now?)...I actually was thinking about it, but figured what are the chances it was one that I had and gave up on the idea. I think I'll wait until the beginner's quiz comes out.

...(mutter, mutter) trap (mutter)...
-andy :P

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Andy, never give up the idea that you might be right until you're sure you're not! Good for you and Andrew.

#1 = Neo Goode for Grace

#2 = Let's give you one more chance to get the name right looking at the whole plant:

And just for comparison, here's Aech ampla's leaf tip (spines all the way to the tip of the leaf):

#3 = Vr saundersii:

#4 = Neo Kiko. Even though very young still, I think the colour is very nice, specially since we hardly out of Winter yet:

#5 = Neo Silver:

#6 = Neo Wally Berg (also very young still):

#7 = Vr Sherlette Shiigi:

#8 = Vr Rafael:

#9 = Vr Margarita:

#10 = Neo Giant:

I am sure some of you are growing #2, so I'm going to give some one a chance to come up with the name! If not, I'll tell you tomorrow morning (12 hours from now)


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Aaaargh..... I can't believe I didn't get Witt. superba for #2, especially since that was going to be on my next quiz! Mine looks more pinky, though.

Guess I'm gonna have to do some reshuffling now. ;-p

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Oh dear, maybe I should have quit while I was ahead after the first quiz...
I do grow Witt. superba, but that pic had me stymied.
I have seen Neo. Goode for Grace once, at Olive's nursery. It has only been recently imported to Oz, and still costs big dollars. Seeing it again now, I really can't see how it improves on Predatress or Enchantment. Vr. Sherlette Shiigi, Neo Kiko, and Vr Margarita are not in Oz - I don't think? They are certainly not easily available.
I've admired Vr. Margarita in pics posted here before, and on FCBS. That one is sure on my wish list!

Had to laugh at your mutterings Andy!

These quizzes are great fun, though challenging. They have inspired me to take some macro shots as well. One of our GW lurkers has suggested I present one (or more) of these quizzes at our Gold Coast brom society meetings - so thanks for the idea, Lisa! I need to keep in mind how much easier it is for the photographer... We will award one point for the correct genus, and two points for correct genus and species/cultivar. I'll have a couple of more difficult ones aside as tie-breakers, if necessary. And first prize? - a nice brom, of course!

I'll show you just one of the photos I've already taken in preparation for our meeting quiz. It is soooo like one of Japie's!

Who am I?

That one would stump most of our society members, so it would probably be a tie-breaker question. Out of necessity, and especially for our novices, most of the other images I have taken for our meeting quiz are much easier - I think.

Thanks Japie, Lisa and Nick for the treats! Bring on the next one!


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Hello All and Japie,

I'm coming late. I miss the good boat again. Japie you should delay to give the answers until I'm back. You will meet the expert. ;-b

Thank for sharing the knowledges. We all would improve our deftness about identification of Broms.

Cheers Yong

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No more crops for me. I'm going to make some bromeliad desktop backgrounds.

Here is the one I'm currently using on my 24" monitor (1920 x 1280):

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Took down the image, it's too big. I'll post it later.

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Do I get extra credit for Bill. sanderiana, Kerry?

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LOL. Yep, you sure do Lisa! But shhh, don't tell anyone, or else the lurkers from our society will know that it is indeed Bill. sanderiana.

K :)

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And there you have it! My W superba is also still young Lisa, so I hope it will colour up a bit this coming Summer. Does the red in the tips also get larger with age and god growing conditions?

Little bit of info on Goode for Grace. It is a wider leaved plant than Predatress and the marmoration spots are also much finer. With good light and warmth it also develop a much deeper colour.

Very nice picture Kerry!

Good for you all! Now we can all look forward to Lisa's next one!


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Sorry, I meant 'good' growing conditions!

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Maybe not such a typo, Japie. See my next quiz! ;-)

This is the Wittrockia pic I was going to use. Yes, they'll get a bit more red tip, but it was mostly the color that threw me off.

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Now ain't I glad I used it first - I would never have got that one!

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