A Stemmed Aloe Striata

borrego(Z 10 L.A. Cal.)March 12, 2006

No lie, the picture may not show it well, but this is aloe striata. It was stuffed in a 6" pot with a medium sized aloe buhrii. Maybe that's why is has a stem. It's also purplish due to plenty of sun. I have a few other striatas, but none with a stem. I wonder if it will keep it's stem or revert back to normal growth pattern. Time will tell.

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rpw53(south Florida)

Hard to tell for sure from the photo, but I think I see some spots and possibly a few small spines??? If so then it is a hybrid and not pure striata...

However, that being said, I had a striata in the ground here for the last five or six years that formed a stem almost a foot long, but it wanted to lay down and crawl on the surface rather than stand up.


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