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0nametaken0March 8, 2014

Hi guys, my bro brought me a few gifts. Im really excited about them but I want to make sure to keep them healthy. Im in zone 5 and I know they are for warmer climates. Id like to know the name so I can research about them. Ones an airplant. I can put them on my window cill, under T8s or in no light.

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EDIT: Someone helped me on the air plant on another forum, so Im good for now. If someone could please ID the first plant, it would be great. The leaves are falling and i need to act fast.

Heres the airplant, I assume low humidity is bad? I can try to get a glass container and pour some water in it.

I think its Tillandsia bulbosa. Ive placed it right under my T8 ilght, maybe 3" to 4" under. I will mist it everyday. atm its sitting on soil. I read they like air flow. Sadly I dont have any in my room. Will it be fine?

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No ones got any ideas? Is the pic not good enough? Perhaps I should take a macro.

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A closer picture would hopefully get you some better answers, but it looks like it could be some time of sedum? That's only a guess though.

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Heres a closeup. Im upping in HD resolution.

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Still no one? This is either very common or very rare.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry, but I think it's just an ordinary, but eliolated & badly grown Sedum (sorry).

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Thanks for the reply. I have it right under my T8 and light water it daily, I hope it recovers, although its still dropping leaves.

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water daily? that may be too doesn't look underwatered. Moss growing in pot would make me think it's already too damp.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Watering daily? You're going to drown the poor thing. Pls. try watering WEEKLY instead, in the mean time, read up on the definition of succulent plants.

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It would probably be worth re-potting into a much faster draining soil as the moss growing on the pot is unusual for succulents. Either change it into a normal soil cut with 50% perlite or if you want to go the extra mile there are recipes for soils on this forum (Or just put it in something similar to what you have those aloes in). I have mine planted in al's gritty mix and they're doing great. Hopefully with less water and by growing under the lights you'll end up with something like the picture below (not mine, but similar). Oh also if you take the leaves that have fallen off and place them on top of some soil in a few months they should grow into a new plant. Hope this helps. good luck.

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Thanks hampshire, I should change the soil, Im sure the soils as hard as a rock by now. The nursery didnt do a good job at it then.

Pirate, I know the definition, if the soil stayed wet the whole day, then it would be called drowning.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I think the concerns expressed about watering daily are very valid. It's extremely unusual for any indoor plant to truly need a drink every day, unheard of for succulents. As mentioned above, the presence of moss indicates a high level of organic ingredients in the pot, and constant moisture for a while. The one sure way to water succulents is to keep the soil constantly moist/soggy.

I hope it pulls through for you, such a cute little thing, but it looks like it's on deaths' door to me.

The plant in the lower left corner of the Tilly pic is concerning because of the dying tips. Is it a Sansevieria?

Almost all plants come from stores in pots of peat (nearly weightless when dry, easy to ship.) Not something unusual this particular store did.

Tillandia grow on trees, without any roots, no soil. If you have a larger plant to 'perch' it in, that would help with the humidity. You could also fashion a wire 'hammock' to stick in the dirt of another pot, so Tilly's has a spot above the soil (where moisture is evaporating, plants are transpiring.) Your air probably moves around whenever the furnace or A/C comes on. If the humidity is low, I probably wouldn't try to increase air movement, which would cause the plant to dry faster.

Are you able to put plants outside when it warms up?

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Hi purpleinopp. Im in zone 5, during summer I put everything outside. Winters are very dry, so the soil drys up fast. I misted this plant for about 5 days till the moss was wet, not a thorough watering. I will be changing the soil today, Ive stopped watering as well. I watered everyday because as I mentioned, it was not a proper soak.

The plant at the bottom with dried leaves is a pinapple. I have it in water. It has grown roots and I will be potting it soon, atm its in water. I hope this is the one you were talking about?

The air plant is a bulbosa, I mist it a few times everyday. Once a week I give it a good dip in water. Again, it is very dry here.

Once again, thanks for the help! Im trying my best to save it. Under the lights Im starting to see the tips are turning red.

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"tips are turning red." Woot, sounds like it's about to bloom. :)


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