Donger Wants Pics? O. ramosissima!

paulzie32(9)March 4, 2008

Here ya go... I was just out west and took LOTS of Pics!

Here's some of O. ramosissima or Diamond Cholla! It's one of my favorites except these have Lots of crests!!! Very cool looking!

Here's some normal ones that are low growing... seems they have a few different forms, Low growing with spines, Low with-out spines and tall with spines. Notice the Crested ones have no spines. Even found one really old looking one that's kind alike a bonsai!!!

This one below is Spineless! As is the one below it. I even saw some that were about 4 feet tall but the batteries in my camera died! :-( They all had spines too.

How's that for a start Donger?

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donger(z5 Mich)

De donger needs food

very nice pics, I love the wethered old "bonsai" looking one. Those are some crazy crests, the plant looks like it is growing in a pretty sheltered, protected spot between those boulders. I like, still need to get camera out.

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The "Bonsai" looking one is along the road in an area soon to be developed! Would love to have rescued it... but that's not allowed... no where to put it in my condo either.
But the Crested ones are growing at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve in a fairly new planting. By new, I'm guessing a year or two. They had about 4 or 5 crested plants and a few that weren't. Guessing the cresteds were all basically clones or starts of one main plant. From what I've read about crests, one theory is it's genetic, so a branch from one should pruduce crests, even it it's a normal looking branch you start with. Hmmm... Next trip I'm gonna ask one of the gardeners for a cutting ;-)

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