Ferocactus seedlings

cactus_cowboy(z4 WY)March 22, 2014

I'm getting some great germination with 15 year old Ferocactus seeds. This is F. gracilis.

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Nice to hear that. I have seeds I ordered 3-4 years ago and wondered whether to throw them out or try my luck with them. I guess I'll try my luck. Congratulations on the babies.

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Hi CC. Long time. The plants you sent me in '97 are still here, except for the ones growing at a public conservatory in Baltimore. The Feros got big, so the Feros. (emoryii, pilosus, schwarzii) you sent and several others that I grew from seed (about 10 plants total) are growing at the Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory. They also have an Espostoa you sent (now about 6ft. tall with side branches), and a couple of others. Still got the fever, huh. Me too. When you sent the dollar plants, it got me a ticket on the cactoholic express, and I haven't been able to get off that ride. Good to hear from you. Pete

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cactus_cowboy(z4 WY)


Great to hear from you and I'm delighted those plants have done so well. My original collection from those days was decimated in a mid winter power outage/heater shut off about twelve years ago. I've recently refurbished the greenhouse with twin wall polycarbonate. I've been planting lots of cacti seed, much of it from my own plants 12-15 years ago. Rebuilding the collection. :)

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Could you share your technique and conditions. I've got some seed from some beautiful AZ native barrels it like to propagate, but have never grown from seed.
David in Phoenix

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Hi there - Congrats on the baby cacti! I have a question, my 15 year old Echinocactus flowered this year for the first time, I collected the seeds today and soaked them to plant with a syringe tomorrow⦠then I was told that I will have to wait for 4-6 weeks⦠Am I doing the right thing? is there anything else that I need to know?? Thank you! :)

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cactus_cowboy(z4 WY)

Sowing cacti seed: I fill 2.5" or 3" pots with mix (topsoil/sand/gravel/perlite). Scatter seed on top of mix and barely cover the seed with a thin layer of sand. Place pots in a tray of shallow water, until thoroughly wet. Place the pots either inside plastic bag or in a tray covered with a sheet of plastic, to maintain moisture. Upon germination, increase exposure to fresh air, and provide more of a wet/dry watering cycle.

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