Milkweed allergies anyone?

bobbi_socal(SoCal 10)June 1, 2007

I've read the posts & FAQ about the terrible eye injuries sustained by contact with milkweed sap, but has anyone ever had any other types of reactions to handling milkweed like nausea or anything?

I'm just wondering if anyone has experience other allergic reactions to it.


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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Not me, and I have big time allergies, also asthma. I haven't handled it a LOT, but enough that if I were going to be allergic to it, I'd have known.
The only problem it creates is the eye damage due to the abrasiveness and/or toxicity of the milky stuff - I wouldn't let a baby around it, since they tend to put everything in their mouths.

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As with anything that oozes a milky sap, I welt up from it. I have some kind of milkweed vine and it really bothers me if I cut it and the sap touches me.

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No, but I got it in my eyes a couple of years ago and will NEVER touch it and then touch my face again before I wash my hands. Be very careful getting it on your hands and then touching your face. It is extremely painful and costly.

Leubafr (Mary)

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Never had any issues with handling it EXCEPT for the eye...been there TWICE (accidentally, no less, and let me tell you, it is NO fun). I constantly wash my hands anyway, since I work with Kindergartners but with the Milkweed I have to constantly remind myself, "Don't touch your face when you are in the garden, Sherry!!!"

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