Do I need to replant or split this succulent?

wasabi_VA(7)March 3, 2013

6 years ago I rooted a pinch of this succulent and it has slowly grown into this. I still do not know what it is but am very attached to it. I am now concerned it has spread out a lot and could be susceptible to branches breaking under their own weight. I feel like I need to either replant it into a larger pot for increased stability and/or prune off the spread. Just not sure what to do and looking for advice.

Thank you!

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This is Crassula ovata 'Gollum'. Crassula ovata is commonly known as Jade. Quite a nice specimen. You have quite a few options. You can repot the whole into a larger pot, divide the plant into single stems, and cut back the stems as much as you like. This would leave you with several cuttings to start new plants. I would recommend a more freely draining potting medium whatever you decide. There is a wealth of information on Jades on this forum.

Here is one of mine:


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I get the two mixed up a-lot but Your Crassula 'Hobit' or 'Gollum' looks nice it drives a few imaginations as it is right now.

I see a neat three tree siting in an oval 10 inch. You could separate the three (split it up) as you pot each of them up.
A selective trimming for some parts with some wire here and there three in one pot or one in three any bigger sized pot would be better for it or them.

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Thanks for the advice. Should I prune it to encourage more upward growth? It would seem spreading out like I allowed it to do is going to cause problems.

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Definitely prune the plant and make many new plants with the cuttings. I've attached a diagram of where *I* would prune it; some may do much more and others may do a lot less. Each branch that you cut off, let dry for a day and then plunge the stem into fresh soil ideal for succulents (fast, fast-draining). Basically, you'd be doing with all the cuttings what you did w/ the cutting you started this plant with.

All the red lines are where I'd cut and make new plants.
The long blue and orange lines (meant to make both blue but clearly, did not) are basically where I would clean up the roots of the main mother plant and repot into a slightly larger pot with better soil.

Or, like Mr Like said above, you can split the three trees you have right now and repot into three separate pots. I personally like multi-branches in one pot but that is entirely up to you. Even if you do this (split into three separate pots), I'd suggest you still prune to create a shape and form of some kind.

Hope this helps. The plant is beautiful.

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Jades benefit from heavy pruning. And the cuttings root easily. Mine usually root without putting in soil. I prefer one stem per pot, but what you do is your call. If you cut back the stems severely, you will end up with plenty of cuttings to grow or share, and your plant will reward you with lots of new growth you can suit to your liking.


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Which ever plan you choose it's best to re-pot first in a good fast draining soil or mix.

Let them settle in to the new pot(s) for a while ETA would be at second or even third watering PLUS one or two days after watering would be the better time to perform any pruning.
I think hard pruning to regain better control of them and more plants is the way to go for you too.

If you are familiar with bonsai wire and how to use for shape then you could also be selective for one or more of them.

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What do you mean by "I would clean up the roots of the main mother plant" at the long blue/orange lines?

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Wasabi, I wish I had taken photos yesterday to show you.

In short, I'd chop off where the lines are, and then pull up the actual plant you have, remove as much soil from the roots as you can by "detangling" like you would and swaying in a bucket of water afterwards, trim all the excess so it's nicely trimmed and quite uniform -- THEN repot into new soil in the same pot or slightly larger if you prefer. Really do different then giving hair a trim to get off split ends and encourage new growth. Hope that makes sense?

Knowing me I'll be messing with some plants today so if I do this, I will take snapshots for you. :-)

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Thanks all!

I have heavily pruned the main plant it it looks much less fragile now. Glad I did it.

For my prunings - do I let them sit in open air a day or two (or more) or immediately repot in a succulent soil and water?

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I usually stick large cuttings like yours directly in prepared soil and let it be for a day or two, then begin watering JUST the planted stem area, letting dry out and repeating. Leaf cuttings - I do let dry in open air for a day before placing ON soil to root.

Good job! Photos?

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

That is a Healthy jade. Whatever you did made it look like a beauty

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I don't put my Jade cuttings in soil to root. In most cases, I find they start to send out roots in a few weeks without any soil. Everyone has his or her own method which works for them. That is mine.


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Christopher, interesting. You lay them out just -- like, on the counter? Or outside? Atop no soil at all?
The only reason I now lay leaves down on soil to dry then root was that I quickly figured out that sticking them in soil ended unsuccessfully -- result: rot. So for leaves, I just lay them on top of any medium until they root and I see a new plant form -- then I will remove it to pot.

I guess I've never not stuck cuttings in jade cuttings in soil, so I didn't know that would also work just like the leaves. :-)

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I just keep the cuttings out of the sun on my indoor plant cart, forget them, and when I remember, usually some roots have started to form, and that is basically it. Same thing I do with my Kalanchoe leaf cuttings.


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Beautiful I would cut back and plant the clipping :)

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I pruned it but not really happy with the remaining look. I am wondering if I need to prune it further. I just doesn't seem to have a good front or back view that looks good.

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