dragon fruit

kmjk71April 19, 2014

so i got my dragon fruit a couple years ago from disney world and its grown to about a foot and a half. it has multiple vines coming from the roots and is overall doing well. i just have a few questions. 1. are they supposed to be skinny at the very bottom? 2. i am potting it so how is the best way to prepare the soil(what to mix in, etc.) 3. what is the best way to get them to climb? thank you very much for your help

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mushibu10(zone 8 (UK))

I live in the UK, my dragon fruit I bought several cuttings and I grow from seed too, so.

soil I have found a orchid like (bark,coconut husk, leaf mould) with a bit of grit and loam works well. for me. but I have used commercial cactus mix and john Innes no2

I have one that has a thin lower part. that is getting 'fatter' as it goes higher.

I also have a few that are three angles and some with four.

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