Lemon tree

tommysmommy(Colorado)March 7, 2011

Crazy plant person hand pollinating lemon blossoms. Already I see signs of fruit set. Yippee!

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wrong forum,honeycake

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Diane,what kind of lemon is it?I thought citrus were self pollinating,or at least most of them.

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Dan, it's a meyer lemon that lives in my living room. Since there's a lack of bugs to flit around and distribute pollen, and it's flowering now, I'm dropping the pollen onto the pistol myself.
NewGuy, we do allow each other to talk about our other plants from time to time.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I love Meyer Lemons. I would grow them just for the fragrance! The fruit is nice too though :)
I set mine next to a variegated eureka lemon so the bees will go from the Meyer to the Variegated. The variegated ones do not normally set as much fruit but I have found that when I keep the Meyer next to it, it has improved the fruit set on the other one.

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Oh I love Meyer lemons too! I have a small tree in a pot, but it's not too productive. My previous home had one and I got fruit year-around. A lady at my dd's job sometimes gives my dd a huge bag full of Meyers from her tree. Last time, I juiced most of them and frost them in ice cube trays, then put in a large baggy for my dd. Otherwise, she would have thrown them all away because she can't stand to have food around for more then a couple of weeks. Hope you get to make a good lemonade Diane :-)

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chena(z8 Texas)

CRAZY!! Plant Person..LOL Good Job!! They are Yummy!!!

I Love them as well.. The first yr I had 13 Lemons.. GOT Zip, Zero, Nadda Last yr.. I have a Lime and a Stasuma Orange.. Kristy gave me the Orange I think.. They had a rough Winter but look to be coming back..

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