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bromadams(10b)September 26, 2008

I'm having trouble keeping some of my xCryptbergias alive. The greener ones that seem to be more Billbergia than Cryptanthus are getting to a decent size and then dying off. The pink/red ones that look most like the Cryptanthus side of the family seem to be doing fine. The colored ones also have a much firmer leaf, more like a Cryptanthus.

I have been keeping these plenty moist, but no different than any of my other seedlings. I have Alcantarea, Aechmea and Neoregelia seedlings that are getting the exact same treatment and none of them have died. I'm wondering if it is just bad genes or bad care.

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Is that plant in 3 pots?

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Just for the picture.

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I continue to kill of my xCryptbergias. I've pretty much decided that the addition of a tank to a cryptanthus isn't a good thing. My current hypothosis is that these plants are getting bigger and holding water and that is killing them.

The one xCryptbergia that I have that is doing the best seems to have very little Cryptanthus in it. Its leaves are thin and don't have that thick Cryptanthus center. Unfortunately, it isn't all that good looking. The cool pink ones that are mostly Cryptanthus are dead except for the one I put aside as a test. It's been kept rather dry and I only water the soil, no water on the leaves.

I'm definitely going to do this cross again if I can and try to learn from my mistakes. These may make good house plants since they don't seem to like water. I guess I'll figure it out one day.

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This one is now dead. You can see water in the cup.

This one is doing well but isn't all that attractive.

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