Blushing Tiger 's Mum Please ?

graykiwiSeptember 26, 2009

Hi Lisa and all,

Forgive me if I've missed this in a earlier posting, but why is BT listed on FCBS as "CV of unknown parentage"... but when you look at the FCBS page for her, she has carolinae 'Perfecta' listed as the mum and Marnier-Lapostolle F2 listed as the dad ?

Can you fill us in on this and tell us about her "conception" Lisa ?..I believe she was the only one of a grex to stand out with bandings, right ?

Also, what can you tell us about "why" there are two listings (and supposed parentages) of Marnier-Lapostolle on FCBS ? I know there seems to be some identification confusion around it, but what do you know about it - and what version/origin etc, did you use in making BT ?



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Greame, I imagine the confusion arises from the fact that Michael Andreas had posted his photo of BT (taken at a show) on FCBS before I actually got around to registering it, so he didn't know the parentage at that time. Once I submitted my photos he updated the info on the page but apparently neglected to change the index listing. Simple oversight. Since the parentage given on the page is correct, I've never been bothered enough about the index to bring it to his attention, but you might want to email him, as it is admittedly confusing. This is not the only case where there is a discrepency like that, it just takes somebody who is paying attention to let him know and he will be happy to correct it.

As for Marnier-Lapostolle, I actually know very little. Reading the Auntie Margaret article that accompanies the first photo, she seems to feel that the plant in that photo was mislabeled, and is actually N. tigrina. Doesn't look like tigrina to me. I'm not even convinced that it's not the same as the other M-L entry, they look awfully similar.

I'm actually not 100% certain that the plant I used is M-L either, but I'm about 90% sure it is. It's an old-time cv. that has been common in Hawaiian gardens for as long as I can remember, but everybody here has always called it "zonata". It's NOT N. zonata, that much I was able to determine, but just try getting people to change their habits!

At any rate, it selfs, and one of my earliest seed-growing experiments was to grow out a bunch of them. At that point I thought it was a species, so I expected them to resemble the mother, but they turned out to be fairly variable, which suggested hybrid origin. Some of the F2s were much darker and more heavily banded than the mother. I ended up selling them all off, but not before I used one of the darker clones to pollinate Perfecta. Now I'm kind of wishing I'd hung onto that one so I could play with it some more. I suppose I could grow out more of the M-L F2 seeds and see if I can get something similar, but there are so many more other zonates around now that I haven't really felt the need.

Yes, BT was the only seedling in that grex to have prominent banding, and it was apparent from a very young age. I had also tried similar crosses using zonata and a couple of ampullaceas, but got nothing from any of those. Sharon Petersen made Screaming Tiger about that same time, probably as a result of some of our early brainstorming sessions, although I didn't find out about it until later.

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