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n0tmycupofteaSeptember 8, 2013

Hey everyone!! I have plenty of plants in my household from easy to care peace lilies and kalanchoes to difficult tropical plants that I keep in an indoor grow tent, so not really a stranger to plants, however I've had this bromeliad for about 4 months and just a week ago the top "flower" part has started to tilt and just look very unhealthy and dry. I have him a couple of feet away on a east facing window that gets plenty of sun as I live in an adobe apartment that doesn't get very much light anywhere else (and I have tried other areas of the place and this one in particular seemed to be suiting him just fine and he seemed to have been thriving just until recently).

I have read tons of stuff on bromeliads since acquiring him and it seems as though he is the only plant in my household that I can't keep happy. I keep the soil dry and water the cup about once a week, so I don't think it's root rot but then again I have no other idea what could be wrong with it. There's new growth coming up and outward from the cup of the bromeliad, the leaves feel healthy and are nice and thick, I clean his cup often, and yet I have no clue what could be wrong with him.

I have attached a picture and any kind of help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh ya, I live in New Mexico also. Indoor temp is steady at 79 and humidity ranging from ~58-62. If you need anymore info to help assess the problem I'd be more than happy to answer them.

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You need to water the potting mix but drain well and allow to dry some between watering. It would be better to take the dish from under your pot.
Did the flower open at all?

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Thanks for the reply. The dish is part of the pot but i dont water it much... water doesnt even come out if the bottom. It never flowered and it use to hold water in the cup but now when i water it just seeps down into the soil mix.

Soil is always dry before watering, i have a water probe that lets me know when to water.

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That dry brown center was the flower

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Right, that was the flower but it never bloomed.

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That is a very poor plant as it should have twice as many leaves as it has.
As most broms are 2 years old before they flower, whoever grew it didn't do a very good job.
First up I would soak the pot in water to wet the soil thoroughly. Put a small amount of fertiliser around the plant and keep the soil damp.
Hopefully you may get a couple of pups.

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To much heat on many of those type broms will abort the bloom and also light and moisture changes can do it. Vriesea are a little picky some times

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

"...water doesnt even come out if the bottom..."

I'd lift the plant out of the pot to check the roots and see what is happening in the soil. What kind of medium is it planted in? Since the saucer is attached, are you sure it is draining properly?


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Buying broms from box stores (ie Home Depot, Lowes) sometimes is a bad way to start out with them. The plant you have is widely grown for those stores and don't get the best care.

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