Lithop IDs

swiss_1(z8)April 19, 2006

I have grown them from seed planted in september. They are from the 'National Collection', but that does not help me ID any of them!

They may be too young to be ID'd, but they all have their true leaves now. The second picture shows the sole survivour from a pot that got cooked on a hot windowsill as seedlings.

The other pot has several in together. When should I pot them up on their own? Should I put them in tiny pots of their own at first?



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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Are these from Chiltern's Seeds? Not that it helps, just curious.

Hard to tell at this stage, especially from photos. The top one might be a L. hookeri if it is wrinkled like a brain. If it is smooth then it could be something else completely. The two big pale ones might be L. julii but more probably L. schwantesii. The three similar ones with greenish windows look like some L. lesliei that I grew, but I would expect them to be bigger, so maybe they are something like L. olivacea. The yellow one looks like one of the albino cultivars, not sure which one. The bigger one at the top might be L. aucampiae. Tough to ID even adults, try again at the next set of leaves.

Your seedlings can all stay together if that is convenient.

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Yes they are from Chiltern Seeds. I ordered them as I didn't know where to get adult plants, but then as soon as I started growing these I saw them everywhere!

I was not holding out too much hope for easy IDs as I read that they changes colour etc from soil differences and things, which would make it very difficult. What is the National Collection? It is this tag that made me think they would be easier to ID.

Have you used Chiltern before? I have some mixed C&S seeds from them and some mamms too. They are all doing OK but not showing overt adult characteristics yet for IDs.

Tha top lithop is not wrinkled but smooth. The small green ones were the last to start with the new leaves and may be behind.

I love the variety, even in such a small group!!

Thanks for your help


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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

I assume the National Collection refers to the NCCPG National Collection, held by Abbeybrook Nursery. They are also one of the large wholesale suppliers of Lithops in the UK. Since the National Collection contains all Lithops species, or almost all since definitions change occasionally, it really doesn't help with IDs.

Here's a gallery that gives you a quick overview of most forms. Here's a much more comprehensive gallery. There is a list of EU nurseries at the Cactus Mall, a number of them have Lithops. Parkways Lithops has closed so ignore that.

Here is a link that might be useful: What is a national collection

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