Beat this.

gonzer_gwSeptember 24, 2010

Tillandsia ericii, doesn't get any better.

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Wonderful flower...It looks like it should smell like orange sherbet.

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I'd say that a well grown Yellow Glow would beat it because it looks good pretty much all the time. I'm growing this one in an 8" pot and it sure attracts your attention.

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allan4519(10a, Northern NSW Australia)

Hi bromadams, than dyckia looks like it has been hit with herbicide? lol (only joking, it is a novel effect) it reminded me of many broms, that went the way of weed killer by mistake......

Yep like your Till gonza well grown.

Here is a novel image of a wild native koala which during the heat wave last spring-summer, while temps were in excess of 40+ oC wandered into a suburban house to escape the heat.

When offered a bowl of water, promptly climbed in & this image was taken.

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LOL Allan that image has been round the world in emails atleast 50 times. Cute lil guy

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