Spring Fest Savannah,Ga.2010

taz56(z8 Ga.)March 22, 2010

Happy Spring everyone,

Dorothy and I attended our annaul Springfest! It was a

beautiful sunny day, upper 70's this past saturday.

After the fest Dorothy treated me to lunch and on the

way home we hit a few yard sales and stopped by a friends

to buy a few plants and pots! It was a wonderful day out!

Here are a few photo's of the springfest!



I have some other photo's to share with you, will try to

get them on here later!!!!!!!! :)

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Susan, sounds like a wonderful time spent! I love festivals, but usually find out about them after they are over. The only one I always remember is the Cymbidium Orchid Show and we also make a day out of that. So what kinds of plants did you and Dorothy buy?

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Susan, it definitely sounds like one of those perfect days. Didn't you and Dorothy go there last year too? Hope you post pictures of your purchases.


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Looks like you 2 had a great time thats what its all about thanks for sharing the pictures! Really like the dragon fruit!

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taz56(z8 Ga.)

Sorry, I didn't respond sooner, we did have a great time
Dorothy is my best bud! Elois I bought some daylillies
and some thing eles? Lol! We are going to another sale there April 3rd. They have a greenhouse bursting with
plants for sale. Will let you know what I get there lol!

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chena(z8 Texas)

How FUN!!! Great pic's ..That Tree is awesome!!! I can't wait to see what you come home with come April.. I wish I was there!!LOL

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Bet you got some nice daylilies, and something else, LOL! I know that feeling when I've gotten quite a bit and forget what I bought. Oh goody, more fun in April for you and Dorothy!

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