photos on a fine summer day!

gonzer_gwSeptember 6, 2009

Just a coupla random shots. My T. beutelspacheri threw two blooms simultaneously. Too bad it was hiding behind a large Alluaudia and I missed the flowering. The mother's pictured on FCBS.

Bill. 'Arribella', one of my faves.

Initially I thought this was Little Harv but noticed the lack of spines. A chantinii cultivar for sure but what?

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Hi Gonzer, the spineless Aechmea looks very much like one we have here from Chester Skotak called Inca.

Cheers Richard

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Those are gorgeous,i have something similar to the first picture,except mine gets purple flowers and they aren't as big as yours.

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Thanks Richard, it looks quite a bit like 'Inca'. As with a lot of us collectors I can't remember where the he// I got the plant.

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Aww....Your T. beutelspacheri is killing me! Apparently mine wasn't doing very well here. They are very nice.

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Looking good Gonz. I was going to guess A. 'Friederike' but I think that's one of those things that is hard to get the real difference between them (can someone enlighten me?). That beutelspacheri is awesome! I recently got one at a meeting and was very excited.

On a related side topic, how do you care for terrestrial tills? Obviously free-draining mix, but just water as often as your other bromeliads? And how much sun do you put them in? All of mine look pretty tough, but I'm afraid to move them out into too bright (or full) sun. Does the same rule generally apply about the whiter they are the more sun? I also was jumping up and down to get a V. appenii that is really white, but I'm nervous about how much sun to put them in as mistakes can be costly.

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I have more luck with my gray-leafed terrestrials when they are shoved into a corner of the yard, forgotten about, cursed, and generally ignored. I didn't even know my beutel was in bloom! The majority take up too much room to be displayed with their smaller kinfolk so they get banished to the Nether-world. The green-leafed terrestrials are treated like any other ground-grown brom. My mix is the same for both; 50% redwood nuggets and 50% good potting mix with some pumice thrown in. Many of the large green tills (grandis, rauhii, australis) grow in the same water deprived environment as the big gray's.

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Excellent. Thanks Gonzer. I've been meaning to post about that for a while now, figured this post was a good opening for me to bug you about them.

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Gonzer, thanks for showing them. That Till is a beauty. With my limited knowledge I'd never expected to see one like that. Hmmmmm, I suspect I need to investigate further ........ Cheers, Paul

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Hi Gonz,

Great stuff! I love the yellow Till. beutelspacheri.

Thanks for sharing, all the best, Nev.

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