Succulent ID Assistance

fizgig777(7)March 3, 2013

I recently visited a local botanical garden and found this lovely succulent in bloom in the desert greenhouse. Unfortunately there was no visible tag (at least not from the path you're not to wander off of). Hoping someone here recognizes it... Not looking for exact ID as I know that might not be possible. Some direction for searching the botanic garden's online plant database should be/might be enough to go on =)

Appreciate your time!!

é 2013 Fizgig

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Maybe a Ruschia sp.

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Thank you!!

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If you get an id, from their site, let me(us) know.

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Ruschia crassa, my first succulent. Ah, a nice memory.

I think there are scores of species, even with the reclassification - they're great plants. That's a pretty flower, too (mine were always white).

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