Brug. With Most Mite Resistance

poohbearlvr(S.Fla ,Z10)March 11, 2013

Can anyone tell me what variety has the most resistance to spider mites? I have been trying to grow my 'Versicolor' for the past 4 spring/summers, and i get a nice big plant, blooms galore, then i get infested with mites and the plant never recovers from the first attack. And it dies. The first one I had 7 years ago, grew like a weed,never got mites,bloomed nearly year round,but got killed by our last hurricane that hit us, Wilma.

I now no longer have any 'Versicolor'. Anyone have any??? Care to share???? I miss it so much. I now have a very large single white, rooted plant, that I got off of EBay, it is just potted up,to get it growing,before I put it in the ground.

Is there a variety that is resistant to mites? If not...what chemical spray can i use to prevent them, or kill them once my plants are under attack. Does that Bayers insect spray kill the bugs, without killing the Brug.? Or is there a simpler spray to use that will keep my plants alive. I need to get more rooted cuttings, to grow in my yard. At the moment I only have 1 semi nice peach color Brug growing, but it looks so sad. And a new white rooted cutting in a pot, waiting for it to grow big enough to plant in the yard. What can I spray on it to clean up the mites?

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Almost all brugs get mites @ one time or another. Some varieties more, some less. Just buy you a good miticide like Forbid and use it before the mites take over the plant. I'd strip most of the leaves before treatment to get rid of as many as possible. I've never seen mites kill a plant.

Do a little research on mites so you will understand how they attack the plant, their life cycle, etc.

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poohbearlvr(S.Fla ,Z10)

Come to my house and you'll see dead Brugs. from mites.
Where do you get this Forbid? Is it as expensive as 'Avid'?
I think thats what its called. I only need like a teaspoon to make enough spray for a season. But they only sell it in like 1 lb bags for like $40! Is this Forbid the same? Does Lowes or Home Depot sell it?

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I'll take your word on the dead plants, but I've never seen it. Forbid is similar to Avid, both translaminar. Yes, it's expensive. I buy both in liquid form and rotate them with each other. You can buy them from ebay or most gardening sites that sell chemicals. Seems like I paid around $280 for 8 ounces for the Forbid. It's very expensive but it works. I have lots of plants and I like to keep it on hand. I do think if you'll keep an eye on the plants and when you see the mites starting up, pull off most of the leaves and then blast the rest with a hose. Are you talking about regular spider mites or broad mites ? Broad mites can be very difficult to kill if they are all over the plant. Hope this helps.

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