Amazing 'Grace'

stone_jaguarSeptember 22, 2008


After nearly a decade of minding her manners and generally behaving herself, just recently this Neo. 'Grace' apparently decided to have a mid-life crisis, let her hair down, and drop acid. Since late last year, the last offset that I selected has shown clear signs that it really wants to be a weirdo tie-dyed variegate when it grows up. Not sure what the final effect will be, but its colors and striping have certainly been intensifying as flowering approaches. For reference, the rosette is about 65 cm (26") across.

One has to suspect that this type of spontaneous mutation is highly unstable, but it would be nice if the next crop of pups followed mom into the counter culture as well ;^)


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It is nice! Very nice.....what you going to call it "Sporty Grace" :-)!



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That sure is a trippy sport alright, J! Thanks for sharing her with us.

The imagination runs wild with possible names. 'Sporty Grace' is good, Dennis :)


'Lost in Grace'
'Grace in Wonderland'
'Grace of Aquarius'
'Bohemian Grace'
'Spacey Gracey'
'Greenwich Grace'
'Mary-Jane Grace'

...O.K...I'll stop now!

Kooky Kerry

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

Far out man , like the GT stripes on the Valiants cruising Lygon St .. why not Racey Gracey ?

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