Pictures of some of our vrieseas

jagaSeptember 16, 2007

Hi everyone,

Just posting some pics of our vrieseas for a bit of cheer at start of working week. Our policy with vrieseas is to get as many type as we can lay our hands on! On most wanted list is Vriesea Tiger Tim as seen on the new book ~Bromeliads for Connoisseur's by Andrew Steens- Does anyone have this plant?

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bob740(zone 6 ,NY)

Beautiful Vrieseas', Jaga
One of my favorite genera,so your photos were a pleasant surprise.That'Blackberry Crush'would look terrific by my dining room window. Actually,they are all excellent,so thanks for the posting.

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Hi Jaga,
wonderful plants. I have a few but am not very successful with them. I find neos much easier to grow so I mainly stick to them.

It could be just the lighting but Pacific Blush looks the best to me.

A pity two of your photos were spoilt by the background. Ooops sorry, I didn't know that was you.

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Very very nice! It seems the Vrieseas don't vary as much as the Neos in response to location. Yours don't look much different from Hawaii-grown plants. Different names from any I know, but similar crosses.

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Hi Neonut,
Guess we have to respond to that- apologies for the background- rough Kiwi, but required for scale. (Brad Pitt wasn't available & Agatha wisely refused to have her photo posted. !) Yes Pacific Blush is a great plant- it's a hierolgrophica hybrid by Andrew Malloy which goes bright red under high light and can take a lot of sun , so may do well in Aust- it's still growing too so would be interesting to see how large it gets.
We would love to grow neos the way you guys can, some of your posts are very drool inducing.

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Hi John,

A nice collection of Vriesea's there...!

That Vr. Tiger Tim caught my eye as well...if you do find any PLEASE let me know...!

I have just managed to cross one off my wish list. Vr. Dark Knight.

A few days ago I was given a nice pup from this plant. It is a fantastic Vrisea, as large as an Alcantarea, and the markings are just stunning.

One more nice Vriesea hybrid from the same hybridizer is Vr. Phillip Foster Red, is hybrid of philippo-coburgii (plant in background) and fosteriana rubra. This plant was just green all winter, but has now started to colour up with the warmer days. Should prove to be a great landscaping plant.

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Devo, nice plants. I agree the Phillip Foster is going to be a good one- we're waiting for ours to color up but have seen it bright red & yellow - stunning. The other good one is the nova queen - (nova x fosteriana) Will post more photos once they grow up.
Lisa, the reason the names would not be familar is because most of these plants are not registered. We managed to obtain couple of Shiggi's vriesea (Midori & Hawaiian Sunset) & they seem to like it here!
Looks like the hunt is on for the Tiger Tim- it's mentioned in the book that it's an Australian cultivar so i wonder if any of the Aussies here have one (pics?).

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Thanks for all the beautiful photos - I love the foliage vrieseas best. As an Aussie, I don't yet have a 'Tiger Tim', but believe they are grown by a fellow named Peter Tristram, of Repton, N.S.W., who just happens to be attending the Australian Bromeliad Conference this coming weekend. I will ask him about it, and possibly be able to photograph it as well - plus hope to buy one myself! From memory it is a cultivar of Vr. ospinae var. gruberi - a fantastic foliage vriesea, but very cold sensitive. Will keep you posted.
Regards, Kerry

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Fantastic Vriesea. May want to know where to get thsoe beautiful Vriesea?

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Great plants Jaga (you too Devo!).

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NOW....this is the most 'interesting' of all the posted pictures. Looking foward for more! :-))

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This is my biggest one after three years of trial and error in the Netherlands.

That's rain btw, not drool.

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Hi John, VERY nice plants! And I can only dream about them as vrieseas are even more difficult to get hold of here in SA as new Neo's!
And Devo, Phillipo-coburghii and fosteriana Rubra were alway some of my favourite vrieseas, and combned into one plant, WOW!!! Japie

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Hi Hanwc & Japie
We are very lucky as beautiful vrieseas are constantly being created by our local hybridizer Andrew Maloy- there'a always new releases at a special event called `broms in the park' on Nov at our friend's fantastic garden in Totara Waters- he sells most of Andrew's plants & we have brought a Kiwi Sunset to Malaysia to see how it'll go Hanwc- will keep you posted on that. (Which part of Malaysia are you?) We have to own up to having a lot more of his plants then what we posted- will post some more later.
Check out limk below for Totara Waters.

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Hi Jaga,

My place is close to Kuala Lumpur. I haven't got a chance to get any of the New Zealand hybrid Vriesea.

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Beautiful plants I love colourful and good shape next month I have appointment to collect Australia Vr hybrid hope fully get the good plants.

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