New Seedlings!

akat71March 9, 2010

Someone please tell me if my my babies look ok? This is my first experience with seeds.

The one in the front in my PaintedLady X and the 6 in the back are Texas Star hibiscus. I'm going to move the hibiscus to small cups when they get their second set of leaves.

I also have two more brugs getting ready to break thFrom Starred Photos rough. Any suggestions!

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Looking good I have a few angels flight seedlings that size first for me. Fun to grow from seed! good luck!

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I hope they are okay lol cuz all of mine look like that. I think they are fine.

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They look good to me. Just make sure that you have enough light. If you are using fluorescent bulbs keep them very close, almost touching the seedlings. Any lights that generate heat have to be kept further away. Good luck. Looks like you are off to a good start.

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